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Tuesday, January 06, 2009
You're hot and you're cold


I know its late but well to be honest, i have yet to feel the transition from 08 to 09.
I could blame it on having to sleep through the NYE to get ready for my 4am departure J'burg flt. Can't complain since the boy was sleeping next to me.

And 2008 was really great I am not sure if I am really to leave it behind and move on. No resolution whatsoever for 2009. I've got one for Rog tho, Buy Zinny flowers more often! *adores the flowers from Mauritus*

Oh I spent Christmas in the Desert and camp over nite with my brother and sister. I came home with my butt frozen but alive! All 3 of us, miraculously none of us died mysteriously and found buried under the sand.

Really looking forward to BKK-SYD with baby from 12th to 20th! Food! Glorious food! Hope we get to do the climb/cross Sydbey Harbour bridge and Tiger Temple in Bangkok.

I miss Arthur, he is hiding under the tub since Cheron's family is here and he doesnt like Rog anymore either. I miss Missy, we drove pass the tree where we found her yesterday. I miss my friends in Sin I dunno when will be back again.


Saturday, November 29, 2008
someone like you

Christmas is around the corner and I need to start shopping for gifts. I am no where close. I've got it for the boy, Linda babes and Sheena.
The boy's gift was really something. A huge hole on my credit card, a freaked out Zinmar, which was contagious to Diana, a sleepless nite and a few staff trying to help/convince me; all because of a spot or two. I am really thankful to Jeremy at SDS tho. He was a great help in sorting out the logistics.
I had one of the best trips in a long time, the only downside was that I was away from the boy for 8 freaking days. It would be perfect if he was with me. Great food and massage in Bangkok, eating, shopping, sight seeing and drinking in Sydney and a diversion to beautiful bad weather Singapore to end it. Too bad I couldn't meet any of my friends due to short notice and bad timing. I took the crew out for the first time in Singapore, Gio from Mexico and Diana from the Philippines. Gio was so cute going "mmmmmmmmmm.... wowwww" over everything he eats. Homosexual guys amuse me to no end.
Sambuca - never again!

I need dresses for the season. I have a Glasgow, Jakarta, Birmingham, Singapore-Melbourne and Dusseldorf for December. Off on 24th and 25th but on Rest on 31st. So I am probably gonna be flying on the 1st so no partying on New Years Eve! booooooo.

Cant wait to go Jakarta tho. Chocolate body wrap!!!!


Thursday, May 01, 2008
Hips don't lie

Promise I will blog the whole story, but here's a pic of lil' former Gnoriager, Missy/Shakira!!

Monday, April 14, 2008
you are pretty when I'm drunk

So yes, as of 7th April 2007, according to reliable sources such as Facebook, Zinmar Aung is in relationship with Dodger Hyland.

Loving it cause he makes me breakfast, cooks me dinner, takes me to the beach, watches chick flicks with me, buys me gifts and flowers, and gives me back massages. Oh and of course, he makes me really happy..

South African
6 foot tall
Blue-green eyes
His favourite Thai food is Chicken Penang Curry.. lol
Won't get tan no matter how long we lay on the beach in the hot sun >.<
Turn me into a domesticated girlfriend who tidies up his room.. horrors!
Tricked me into eating Ostrich meat.
Favourite Quote: Baby! don't be nasty!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Glen Cassar - 28th October 2007 - 15th December 2007
Fun, Laughter, Friends, Buzz, Patchi Chocolate, Pasta, Toast, Blankie, JuJu and Wendell

N.P - 9th January 2008

Friday, January 04, 2008
You can take your time, take my time


HELLO 2008

Resolutions -

'be nicer to noisy'

'roll eyes less at work'

'call mom often'

'stay away from smokers'

I think the first one is the hardest simply because he is ku-ray-zee!

I wish you would be Happy, as I am.

When it rains - Paramore

And when it rains,
On this side of town it touches, everything.
Just say it again and mean it.
We don't miss a thing.
You made yourself a bed
At the bottom of the blackest hole (blackest hole)
And convinced yourself that
It's not the reason you don't see the sun anymore

And oh, oh, how could you do it?
Oh I, I never saw it coming.
Oh, oh, I need the ending.
So why can't you stay
Just long enough to explain?

And when it rains,
Will you always find an escape?
Just running away,
From all of the ones who love you,
From everything.
You made yourself a bed
At the bottom of the blackest hole (blackest hole)
And you'll sleep 'til May
And you'll say that you don't want to see the sun anymore

And oh, oh, how could you do it?
Oh I, I never saw it coming.
And oh, oh, I need the ending.
So why can't you stay just long enough to explain?

Take your time.
Take my time.

Take these chances to turn it around. (take your time)
Take these chances, we'll make it somehow
And take these chances to turn it around. (take my...)
Just turn it around.

Oh, how could you do it?
Oh I, I never saw it coming.
Oh, oh, how could you do it?
Oh I, I never saw it coming.
Oh, oh, how could you do it?
Oh I, I never saw it coming.
Oh, oh I need an ending.
So why can't you stay
Just long enough to explain?

You can take your time, take my time.

Sunday, December 30, 2007
Love you, Love yoy long time!

Merry Christmas everyone! Zinmar loves you!!

The flt to MAN on Christmas day was pretty interesting. Despite dreading, crying (no tears tho) and whining about it. Oh and not to forget, desperately trying to swap it, turned out pretty alright.

The load was half full. Its Christmas for goodness sake! Why were these ppl flying?
The light load allowed me to talk to my passengers and take better care of them. Most of them were gloomy when I stood there with a big smile plastered on my face (no matter how fake) and sang "Good Morning! and Merry Christmas" while boarding. ha! Sad & cynical ppl!

I met this old couple, all the way from Melbourne, conspiring with the son-in-law, planning to barge into their daughter's Christmas lunch to surprise her. How sweet! The lady told me, her son-in-law said "its either this or a cappuccino maker, and we all know which she would like better".

A big South African man who had like 8 Ballantines' from me and still manage to video cam his little daughter running up and down the cabin. They are on the way to his sister's place for Christmas.

But there was also a man traveling all alone, looking rather sad. When I spoke to him I found out that he has been flying non stop from Auckland. Which means Auk - Mel : 3 hrs, Mel - Dxb : 11-12hrs and Dxb - Man : 8hrs, to see his father who had a stroke and is in the hospital. He told me that his mom hasn't been giving him much information on how his dad is doing so he's been calling the hospital and yelling at them. For once, I can say I know exactly how he feels. I spent alot of time chatting with him so he won't sit and worry himself. He smiled at me everytime I walked pass him. Or when I gave this idiot a blank face and shrug when he made an idiotic request, afterwhich I squat down, hidden behind my cart from the idiot and breathe to keep myself calm. He waited everyone to disembark when we reached MAN. I walked up to him and wished him luck and told him to be disgustingly positive like me! Which he laughed and said he would try to return on the same flt as me. :) (Pretty ridiculously positive huh? Travel all this way and stay less than 24 hours. hehe.. its contagious, this positivity!)
I would pray for him if I still depend on God. But I am sure he will be okay. I don't know about his father but no matter who we lose in life, we will still live. We have to. Apart of us will be missing up there will be others to help us go on with life.

F.Y.I : I did not flirt with him. =X

Now, Photos from the Christmas Eve Dinner at my place! weeee!

Our beautiful Christmas tree with Santa's noise

Arthur just had to flaunt his ass

Drue, Viola, Cheron
Emma & Ming
Cheron, Viola and moi
I love this pic

hurhur.. camwhore

Excuse the expressions.. lol

Happy People!!

While Ming cooks the sauces, Drue slice the Ham and Cheron prepares the pasta, I dress up, serve my jello shots, tipsy from downing 2 glasses of wine before times up and Emma flutters around and told me that I am doing exactly what she was doing last year while Sheena cooked everything from scratch! What to do? We are social butterflies! hehehehe
Shame Sheena wasn't around. and YY, Linda, Boon, Jeanie and everyone else!